Nov 27, 2011

Professional SEO

Link building is considered the heart of search engine optimization. For a site to come in the SERPs Link Building is the easiest way. Getting irrelevant links will not take you anywhere. Link building is a process. It is always good to have some incoming links relevant to your site instead of having hundreds of incoming links unnecessary.

Between 85% to 90% of web traffic comes from search engines and directories. The use of these submission services on hand-dandy to submit your site to 980 search engines for only $ 19.95 does not deal with this traffic. The fact that your site is listed in search engines does not mean that your customers can find it. In fact, a search engine actually penalize your site for using this method. Only manual search engine optimization and positioning; efforts end up working. This is because these efforts are customized to fit your site and are designed to give the engines what they want and need to find its place among its competitors and other sites related to your category.

 Some of the Strategies we  follow in Our Projects:

  •     Article Submission
  •     Social Bookmarking
  •     Quality Directory Submission
  •     Unique Articles Writing
  •     Link Building
  •     Web 2.0 Marketing
  •     Reputation Management
Our Packages

Starter Business Package | $150

  •    100 Directory Submissions
  •    20 Unique Articles 
  •    20 EDU and Wiki Sites
  •    20 Social Bookmarks
  •     Free submission reports

Silver Business Package | $250

  •     40 Unique Articles
  •     100 directory submissions
  •     20 .Edu or .Gov links
  •     20 Web 2.0
  •     20 social bookmarks
  •     20 website re-tweets
  •     Free submission reports

Gold Business Package | $400

  •     60 Unique Articles
  •     150 directory submissions
  •     20 .Edu or .Gov links
  •     20 Web 2.0 Sites
  •     20 Learning Pages
  •     40 social bookmarks
  •     30 website re-tweets
  •     Free submission reports

 Platinum Package | $750

  •     80 Unique Articles
  •     150 Directory Submissions
  •     20 Top Wiki Sites
  •     20 Learning Sites
  •     20 EDU Sites
  •     20 Web 2.0 Sites
  •     100 Social Bookmarks

Nov 13, 2011

Obtaining Great SEO Professionals For Your Business

If you have an internet enterprise and need private SEO professionals, there are many ways to uncover them. But there can be a large difference between private SEO professionals, so you need to know what you are looking for in your private developing professionals. You certainly do not want to throw away cash choosing the wrong expert.

There are many job lenders, or private businesses web pages, where you may discover many private developing professionals. Each may have a different level of practical knowledge or are dedicated to certain areas. One way to make sure you use the right private developing professionals for your enterprise is to ask for products and pay attention to the way they bid. If they have typographical and sentence problems in their bid for your job, possibilities are they will not provide much better in the way of deliver the results product. But if the private developing professionals provide expert, well-written tendencies, you have probably found someone worth working with.

One extra advantage to using private businesses web pages to uncover private SEO professionals is that they usually have a well-rounded practical knowledge. Most of the private SEO professionals on these private businesses web pages usually understand seo, developing PPC ads and you might even discover an skilled private weblink designer. The reason the private SEO professionals on a private businesses website might provide a selection of practical knowledge is because they have access to many different type plans. This means that the private SEO professionals are probably well known with many different marketers.

There are other places to uncover private developing professionals. You can also use an advertising website, like CraigsList, or look in boards. Many internet marketing boards have a position for private developing professionals to position an ad for deliver the results. However, if you identify private developing professionals using these two methods, be sure to get details on their ability as a copywriter. You might also ask if they provide private weblink designer knowledge as most don't list that ability on their application.

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